Choose a simple fork or pitch fork to check your lawn. If it presses into the ground around the grass easily, then you do not need to use the aerator. But if you must use force to get past the grass to the dirt, then it is time to bring out the aerator and begin work. When the ground is hard the water will just roll off or evaporate and it does not provide enough feed to keep the lawn green in summer heat.

To provide natural weed control. The absolute best defense against weeds is a thick healthy lawn. The more dense your lawn, the less room for weeds to grow.

The agri fab core aerator parts process will generally occur twice in a year. It can happen first in the spring and second in the fall. This is because the soil will be relatively cool and therefore easy to heal over time. Doing this process in the summer or winter months can be hard on the soil. This can make it harder for the lawn to stay healthy.

The advantages of buying versus renting basically relate to convenience. When you rent tools you have to worry about changing the settings to meet your requirements. For example, you may like to aerate using 1 inch divots, while the person who rented it before you may have changed the settings to 2 inch divots.

Till the lawn area and do a core aerator afterwards. what is aeration ensures that there will be enough air in the soil to ensure the healthy growth of your grass. Grade and level out the lawn area using a garden rake. The recommended level for a healthy lawn area is at least one inch for every ten feet of soil distance.

If you buy wise, buying your own lawn aerator is also cheaper in the long run. A good quality one will last you for years, possibly a lifetime, if you maintain it well.

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