This is the feeding stage. All you have to do is add some fertilizer. If you want the best results, you will need to do this four times a year. But if not, concentrating on “feeding” your soil during autumn is the best option, this is because lawn grasses concentrate more on root growth in autumn than on leaf growth.

In the winter, the amount of time that is required to maintain the lawn is relatively minimal. The only requirement is a light feeding of organic materials such as green-waste compost. The valuable minerals that are found in the compost promote the development of microbes and earthworms which is beneficial to the lawn. Since we are talking about core aerator, let’s see how coreaerator relates to it. The compost can be spread by either sweeping or raking it onto the lawn. To allow for greater absorption of nutrients into the soil and to reduce compaction, it is necessary to aerate the soil using a spike, plug, or core aerator. To maintain a dense lawn and to keep it from looking patchy, seeding needs to be done.

Aeration can be a money saver. To the extent that a healthy, aerated lawn is able to get the full benefit of the fertilizers you apply and needs less treatment for disease, you will have to spend less money on these products.

If you have a large lawn use a rolling aerator to cover all areas in a timely manner and water right away. If you have a small yard, you can purchase core aerator hand held body massagers shoes. They just strap to your normal shoes and poke the holes into the dirt as you walk around. It is a great way to exercise or provide entertainment to the kids when they are bored. If you have a large area to do, you can use a rental aerator and do all the work in one day. It does not have to be done every day, so one day should be enough.

In addition, apply a mycorrhizal fungi product to the soil surrounding the tree. The ideal product is Nature’s Creation Quick Dissolve Powder, which is easily mixed with water and sprayed into the soil surrounding the tree. The benefits from this product is that this good fungi grows on the tree roots, making the root system larger, and able to infuse nutrients and moisture better. Because the root system is larger due to the fungi, it is also stronger and more resistant to the pests and disease as well.

Compacted soil results in problems with air circulation, water drainage, and nutrient absorption. Additionally, beneficial soil organisms such as earth worms can’t establish in hard, compacted soil.

Water your lawn the day before. This makes the soil softer and easier to aerate. The core aerators work better than spikes. The removal of soil allows the lawn’s roots more room to expand. Leave the extracted cores on the grass to dry then rake them into the grass — this creates micro-organisms that feed on thatch.

Compost – If you can find it (or make it), compost is a great option to topdress with. Be sure to use less of it with Centipede and St. Augustine grasses. Unfortunately, there are not many suppliers in our area that we have found that will supply a high quality product you can order in bulk for a reasonable price.

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