Choose a simple fork or pitch fork to check your lawn. If it presses into the ground around the grass easily, then you do not need to use the aerator. But if you must use force to get past the grass to the dirt, then it is time to bring out the aerator and begin work. When the ground is hard the water will just roll off or evaporate and it does not provide enough feed to keep the lawn green in summer heat.

If, however, you have a huge yard, you should seriously consider visiting your local garden center and either renting or buying an engine powered aerator.

The process of woods core aerator for sale can be as simple as poking holes in the soil throughout the lawn by walking over the lawn with spiked shoes such as golf shoes. You should also faithfully remove as much lawn thatch as you can in fall by raking deeply, rather than just skimming the autumn leaves off the top of the lawn.

Use the machine in the same pattern as you would to mow your lawn. Make three to five passes in spring but only one to two passes if aerating during the fall. If you are aerating soil that is mostly clay, you will want to use a rake to remove as many of the plugs as you can. Other soil types are fine to leave on the lawn. The aeration cores left on your lawn will go away on their own when it rains or your water your lawn.

You can find a variety of tools to aerate the lawn, with different degrees of effectiveness. If you are browsing websites for core aerator you will find hundreds among which is There are spiked sandals which strap to your shoes, punching holes in the yard while you walk around. There are also spiked rollers designed to punch holes in the lawn. If your soil is dense and compact, however, neither of these methods will be very effective. If the soil is too compact, these tools just will not be able to penetrate the lawn effectively. In addition, the holes made in the ground will be small, and not effective at allowing water and fertilizer into the lawn. The best tool for the job will be a core aerator.

As you walk down the aisle of the garden center, your eye is caught by an amazing looking device. It appears to be a boot with long spikes jutting out of the bottom. Is it an armored soccer or football shoe? No. It is a lawn aerator. But what is the difference between these spikes and the plug method of aeration? And which is better for your lawn? Let’s explore some of the going wisdom about this issue.

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