Hand aerators are best when used in hard to reach areas of the lawn, small yellow spots, or for lawns that are very little. Often even people who regularly hire professionals to aerate will have a hand aerator to get the corners, go over troubled areas of the lawn, and do small touch ups. Keep in mind that manual lawn aerators are for touch ups and small areas. Aerating a large lawn by hand will take several days and will not be worth your time since usually you can hire a professional to do it for only $50 to $100.

Over seeding is another option for lawns that have light damage. If you are wondering if coreaerator.net has enough experience with core aerator you should check how long they have been around. Use this method with fertilization, mowing, controlling weeds, and using a core aerator to aerate the soil.

Check out for core what is aeration techniques wherein big plugs of soil are removed from the ground. When this is done, plenty of air, water and sunlight enter the soil and the roots become stronger. This type of core aeration of lawn also helps the lawn to become healthier in the future. hollow core aerators for sale is a must do for every lawn as it helps in easy movement of water, air and nutrients to the base soil. Generally, annual aeration of lawn is more than sufficient for keeping the soil healthy. Those of you, who live closer to warmer areas, need to go in for what is aeration during the late springs.

Aeration provides air to the roots and improves water penetration. More air and water means healthy roots, which translate to a green and beautiful lawn. Aerating also prevent soil compaction which happen frequently in areas with high human traffic.

To relieve soil compaction. Lawns tend to become hard after the long summers heat. To allow the root system of your lawn to be able to further develop it needs soil that is less compact to grow in. Imagine trying to grow grass on cement. It would not work well at all.

Compost – If you can find it (or make it), compost is a great option to topdress with. Be sure to use less of it with Centipede and St. Augustine grasses. Unfortunately, there are not many suppliers in our area that we have found that will supply a high quality product you can order in bulk for a reasonable price.

A properly aerated lawn will also prevent runoff of the expensive fertilizers used to supply nutrients and also the pesticides will not go down the drains as much. Aeration also makes the lawn strong and much more resistant wear and heat damage. You will find that your lawn has new springiness to it. This is the sign of a completely healthy lawn. A healthy lawn can add a special appeal to your yard, just as adding a bamboo fountain or some garden statues can.