Aerating by hand: Aeration can be done by hand. This is really only recommended for very small lawns. It can become hard labor if your lawn is large. There are some hand tools that work well for this; however, it is hard to get small holes in a consistent depth and spread. If you’re wondering how to aerate your lawn of 200 square feet or less, try this method.

There is nothing better to use for breaking up your lawn thatch than a core aerator. What is thatch? Since we are talking about core aerator, let’s see how relates to it. It is that layer of plant roots, both alive and dead, which lies on or near the soil surface. These layers intertwine themselves so tight and compact that water and nutrients are not able to make their way past it. As a result, water and fertilizer tends to pool on the grass surface and never reaches the roots of the plant.

You will want to spray a selective broadleaf herbicide on your fescue lawn to remove weeds. Apply fertilizer, usually in the application 16-4-8 of fertilizer for every 1000 square feet during the autumn. Later, in November, apply fertilizer which has a high potassium content.

Bacteria feed on dying grass blades absorbing the nutrients into their bodies. Some bacteria convert nitrogen from the air into their bodies, Microscopic organisms called protozoa eat the bacteria. As they feed on bacteria they release Nitrogen to plant roots. Microscopic worms called nematodes feed on the protozoa and release more nitrogen to the plant roots in the surrounding soil.

Instead of simply ignoring or throwing away the pesky door hangers or post cards in the mail, maybe you should give one of them a call. plug aerator tow behind is actually good for your lawn!

Ideally, the greens should be punched once a month during the growing season or summer months, but due to profit margins and golf course politics, most courses only aerify greens twice during the growing season, sometimes compromising the conditions of the greens for the sake of more play. So try not to curse the course superintend this spring when you have to play on top-dressed greens and instead, thank him for taking good care of your course.

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