Aeration can be done any time of year that the soil is moist enough to pull out 2 inch cores or more. Spring can be a good time to aerate, but make sure that you aerate before any pre-emergent products are applied for crab grass and other grassy weeds. An aeration can disturb the barrier that pre-emergent products set up and render them less affective. I prefer to aerate my lawn in the fall. This time of year is great because it relieves the soil compaction the summer brings, provides for better thickening due fall being the time of year the lawn’s root system is most active and finally, fall provides a great time to overseed.

As for fertilizing, it is nothing damaging. Www.Coreaerator.Net is not the only choice. There are many other core aerator brands. It is only best done in the fall, when core aerator is also recommended to be done. Fertilization is more effective this way as the aeration process works in absorbing the nutrients.

A properly aerated lawn will also prevent runoff of the expensive fertilizers used to supply nutrients and also the pesticides will not go down the drains as much. Aeration also makes the lawn strong and much more resistant wear and heat damage. You will find that your lawn has new springiness to it. This is the sign of a completely healthy lawn. A healthy lawn can add a special appeal to your yard, just as adding a bamboo fountain or some garden statues can.

Use the machine in the same pattern as you would to mow your lawn. Make three to five passes in spring but only one to two passes if aerating during the fall. If you are aerating soil that is mostly clay, you will want to use a rake to remove as many of the plugs as you can. Other soil types are fine to leave on the lawn. The aeration cores left on your lawn will go away on their own when it rains or your water your lawn.

This can be much easier to handle than raking the lawn just to try and get the area treated. The problem with raking thatch is that it will involve a person possibly ripping off parts of a lawn. This can make the condition worse. Therefore, using a proper diy core aerator process will be a smarter idea for anyone to use.

Aeration can be a money saver. To the extent that a healthy, aerated lawn is able to get the full benefit of the fertilizers you apply and needs less treatment for disease, you will have to spend less money on these products.

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